Construction Law

Intelligent Legal Advocacy For Resolving Construction-Related Disputes

Construction projects in Texas continue to thrive. The state’s business-friendly laws, policies and regulations continue to draw residents and business owners large and small. But not all workmanship is created equally. A bustling marketplace can be a den of less-than-highly-qualified contractors or subcontractors and a host of myriad other problems. If you are a contractor facing a lawsuit or not getting paid for the work you have completed, seeking experienced legal representation may be your next step.

The Williams Law Firm provides individuals and businesses involved in the Texas real estate and construction industry, from homeowners and business owners to developers and tradespeople, with aggressive, innovative legal representation to protect their investment of time, money and effort. Large or small, the goal is the same: resolving the dispute quickly with a favorable outcome. Matthew Williams has found over the years that fair resolutions to disputes require not just in-depth knowledge of Texas laws, but clear communication with all parties. He provides straightforward strategies built on careful listening to your goals and concerns.

Defending Or Filing Suit For Delays, Defects And Cost Disputes

Any delay in completing the work as contracted or defects in the quality of work done can be costly. The Williams Law Firm provides legal advocacy whether you are the homeowner or the contractor who needs to file a lawsuit or needs defense against a lawsuit.

Matthew Williams can help you with your construction disputes involving:

  • Delays in completion – Durations can significantly impact costs for labor, materials, equipment, lender credibility and anticipated profitability.
  • Quality – Industry standards are measured for quality of work as well as the quality of materials used in the project.
  • Mechanic Lien Claims – Mechanic lien and bond claim perfection in Texas is a process with tight deadlines and strict requirements. Doing so on a timely basis can mean money in your pocket.
  • Payment – Under Texas laws, unpaid sums for labor and material can accrue interest.

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Construction disputes can be highly technical matters. Analysis of costs and damages involved and the pursuit of a just and fair outcome are complex processes. Because of this, larger law firms may attempt to justify higher rates. At The Williams Law Firm, you will work with a highly skilled attorney who will not add unnecessary legal fees. Email us or call today for a consultation.