Business And Commercial Law

Experienced Commercial Law Guidance In A Business-Friendly State

Texas attracts business owners far and wide. The state’s laws make owning and operating a business in the Lone Star state attractive to investors and entrepreneurs. But a successful business owner knows those laws are not always straightforward. Even if you do not completely understand the laws, your business is required to comply with them to avoid critical pitfalls and costly fines. Working with an experienced business and commercial law attorney can alleviate the stress of uncertainty.

When you hire The Williams Law Firm to address your industrial, engineering or construction-related business issues, we are right with you every step of the way. Our lead attorney, Matthew Williams, has an extensive background in Texas’ industrial trades. He knows the challenges of understanding and complying with state and federal laws. Call 713-300-9633 today to schedule an appointment to learn more about the services we offer.

The Full Spectrum Of Legal Advocacy For Your Business Law Needs

The Williams Law Firm provides the basics such as contract negotiations and contract drafting on up through sophisticated risk analysis and counsel for complex outsource procurement issues. Matthew’s primary goals are to work with you to minimize your liability and maximize your potential for profitability. We also provide innovative collections services.

Look to our law firm for leadership involving matters such as:

  • Contract drafting, review, negotiations, reformations
  • Supplier agreements
  • Contractor – subcontractor negotiations, contracts and more
  • Outsource procurement matters
  • Business formation for owner-operators, partnerships, corporations, limited liability corporations
  • Large asset purchases
  • Commercial space leases, purchases and sales
  • Debt collection

Matthew leverages his experience in various energy and construction industries. He listens carefully to ensure a personalized strategy to help business owners achieve their goals.

Work With A Highly-Skilled Lawyer Who Is Personally Attentive To Your Business

Details matter to The Williams Law Firm. We know the elements required for contractors, subcontractors, tradespeople, engineers, suppliers and other industrial businesses to thrive. Success takes time and collaborative partners alongside you to keep the wheels of your business turning. Call us to learn how we keep your legal costs at a minimum for the services we provide. Reach out online or call 713-300-9633 to schedule an appointment.